Suicide Dream 2

配信絵 // スコッティ※Permission was granted by the artist to upload this work.


配信絵 // スコッティ
※Permission was granted by the artist to upload this work.


check out what came in the mail today!


isn’t she cute??


now to put her where she belongs…


i dropped my phone onto my desk just a little too hard and the resulting thud scared the shit out of me


hey i finally decided to make an actual commissions post haha

But yeah hey I’m doin these!! Prices aren’t exact of course, these are only “guidelines” and prices are all estimated; final prices will be decided when you actually tell me what exactly you want done.

I’m always flexible as well, tell me what you wanna pay and I’ll see what I can do for you heh

here’s some rules and junk pasted from my commission info page:

I won’t do porn/fetish art, and I am /very/ bad at animals and furries but will give it my best shot if you insist (and are willing to pay quite a bit extra)

also, the way I prefer to handle payments is half before/half afterwards, and through PayPal only.

other than that, I’m open to almost anything. If you want to ask questions don’t hesitate to email me (

go go go ★

Vault That Borderline!

do i want to play shadow of the colossus, work on music, or play piano?

That’s the wrong emo.
me, every day (via somestatic)
Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

i’m bored as hell

well, i guess there’s no better time to do another 100% speedrun of Super Metroid


Princess Samus Aran.


Princess Samus Aran.

WWE Wrestlemania 2011